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Inventory Management


Does your current inventory system let you down?

Then you need a new stock tracking system that is crazy simple & affordable. Magento-based Inventory Management helps you spend less time on counting stock & more time on selling them.


Start your inventory system with Basic Edition, which is recommended for small businesses with one warehouse.

Web-based Magento Inventory Management


Manage Stock Availability

  • Manage all products in 1 single grid with 3 types of quantity: Physical Qty., Available Qty. & On-hold Qty.
  • Show On-hold Qty. values & their allocated sales orders
  • Can choose a warehouse view to filter inventory product data by warehouse (only available in Professional edition)
  • Show product images on all product grid pages for more visual management
  • Manage Qty. of configurable, bundle and grouped products by their individual option or component (as simple products)
  • Support importing products via data flow

Physical Stocktaking

  • Record and submit counted physical Qty. in warehouses for manager’s approval
  • Can view and filter stocktaking on 1 single grid with created date, warehouse, status
  • Check admin permission to create/ edit stocktakes
  • Require reason(s) for stocktaking
  • Can save and confirm stocktaking to instantly create a Pending stock adjustment
  • Can confirm and adjust stock instantly to update Qty. according to Qty. after stocktaking

Adjust Stock Qty. in Mass

  • Update Qty. of products in mass & keep track of them via stock adjustment records
  • Can view and filter stock adjustments on 1 single grid
  • Can quickly update total Qty. of products right on the stock management grid
  • Check admin permission when adjusting stock
  • Require reason(s) when adjusting stock
  • Can import products list via CSV file or choose products manually to adjust stock
  • Can save stock adjustments in Pending status before changing Qty. of products
  • Can save and confirm stock adjustments to instantly update Qty. of products
  • Record history of all stock adjustments with Qty. before and after being adjusted

Get Low Stock Notifications

  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses or/ and the whole system on the Inventory Management panel
  • Automatically send emails to notify warehouse managers about low stock products
  • Filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the notifications
  • Allow setting the threshold Qty. to get low stock notifications
  • Use Cron Jobs to automatically update low stock notifications on schedule
  • Allow settings specific time(s) to get low stock notifications
  • Can get frequent updates on daily and monthly basis
  • Record all low stock notification logs to review details later


If those features above are not enough, you always can leverage your inventory system to the next level with more powerful functions in the Professional Edition.

Web-based Magento Inventory Management


Includes all of BASIC EDITION features and the following :

Manage Multiple Warehouses 

Manage Warehouses/ Storage Locations

  • Create unlimited warehouses according to your physical warehouses or physical stores
  • Manage products and their Qty. in each warehouse
  • Display data about sales, purchases & on-hand stock on each warehouse’s dashboard (New)
  • Manage and check permissions of different admin accounts (Warehouse Creators & Managers) when handling stock of warehouses
  • Record all stock movements and changed Qty. in each warehouse
  • Record history of any changes in each warehouse’s information and Qty.
  • Allow setting a default warehouse to temporarily subtract stock allocating in sales orders
  • Can choose which warehouses to ship products when creating shipments for sales orders

Manage Stock Movements

  • Can send stock from a warehouse and automatically subtract its Qty.
  • Can receive stock for a warehouse and automatically increase its Qty.
  • Conveniently import a list of products & Qty. by CSV files when sending or requesting stock
  • Require reason(s) to send & request stock
  • Validate admin permission when creating stock receipt & stock sending
  • Automatically send notification email to admin users after stock receipt/ sending is created
  • Can configure the period to cancel stock sending and stock receipt after they’re created


Manage Stock Purchases (Must-have Feature)

Manage Suppliers

  • Manage all suppliers with comprehensive information such as products, total spent, total refunded, the number of purchase orders, returned orders, etc.
  • Conveniently import a load of products from CSV files when adding products provided by each supplier
  • Display sales & purchases data on dashboard of each supplier (New)
  • Record history of any changes in each supplier profile
  • Can select suppliers when creating a new product

Manage Purchase Orders

  • Restock inventory for multiple warehouses in 1 purchase order (only available in Professional Edition)
  • Manage purchase orders with a lot of information such as warehouse(s), supplier, shipping details, payment details
  • Manage product list in each purchase order (cost price, discount, tax, supplier SKU, Qty. ordered, received and returned)
  • Create deliveries to update Qty. received from suppliers and automatically increase Qty. in warehouse(s)
  • Create return orders to update Qty. sent back to suppliers & automatically decrease Qty. in warehouse(s)
  • Record history of any changes in each purchase order
  • Can print or email purchase order details to suppliers after creating/ editing purchase orders
  • Allow adding/ editing payment terms and shipping methods to use in purchase order

Forecast Supply Needs (Hot Update)

  • Predict supply needs of products for a specific future period
  • Filter supply needs by warehouse and supplier
  • Take Qty. on Order (Qty. allocated in processing purchase orders) into account when calculating Purchase Qty.
  • Can quickly create pending purchase orders based on Qty. suggested by the “Supply Needs” forecast

Manage Shipments Progress

  • Track shipment’s progress of all sales orders on 1 single grid
  • Automatically update shipment progress based on Qty. shipped with 5 statuses, including Not Shipped, Partially Shipped, Complete, Canceled & Closed
  • Highlight shipment progress of sales orders in 5 different colors according to their status
  • Show which source warehouse(s) that ordered items are shipped from
  • View shipment details of each sales order
  • Quickly create shipments for Not Shipped & Partially Shipped orders

Manage Drop Shipping

  • Allow sending requests to suppliers to ask for drop shipments when warehouses are out of stock
  • Provide a simple 4-step process to make drop shipments with auto-emails
  • Can enable/ disable 2nd, 3rd and 4th steps to simplify the drop shipping process
  • Automatically send notification emails when admin and suppliers change drop-shipments’ status
  • Allow suppliers to log in and update drop-shipments’ status in frontend
  • List all drop shipments of a supplier on the Supplier Manager page


Manage Products & Shipments with Bar-codes

Manage Barcodes

  • Show product name, SKU, warehouse, Qty., created date & status of each bar-code
  • Encode products’ information about warehouse, supplier, purchase order in bar-codes
  • Quickly create bar-codes based on purchase order deliveries
  • Generate bar-codes in mass by importing via CSV files
  • Set a default pattern to generate bar-codes
  • Allow generating barcodes after creating deliveries of purchase orders
  • Support 16 bar-code symbologies

Print Bar-codes

  • Allow printing bar-codes in mass
  • Can select bar-code Qty. to print
  • Support 5 paper sizes and 4 types of printing template
  • Can customize height of barcode when printing

Track Products

  • Scan barcodes to search products by name, SKU, barcode
  • Scan barcodes to check products when creating shipments & credit memos
  • Show information about product, barcode, delivery, warehouse, supplier, purchase order


Centralize Inventory Reports on Dashboard

  • Create unlimited user-friendly dashboards containing reports about inventory
  • Drag & drop dashboard tabs to easily change their positions on the navigation bar
  • Provide 17+ types of inventory report, such as bestseller, sales orders, purchase orders, warehousing time… in the last 30 days
  • Can quickly view detailed data of each report in pop-up windows
  • Provide different chart types based on report, such as line chart, pie chart, bar chart, table
  • Drag & drop charts to easily change their positions on each dashboard
  • Allow admin to print charts or download them as PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG vector images

Access Comprehensive Reports (Hot Update)

  • Support 17+ different report types, covering from Sales, Purchases, Stock On-hand to Inventory Movements & Customers
  • Visualize reports in line, bar and pie charts
  • Allow downloading reports in CSV or XML format and printing charts


Manage Order Fulfillments (New)

Centralize fulfillment process on 1 dashboard

  • Show 4 steps of Order Preparation process on 1 page
  • List all related sales orders in each step
  • Use collapse/ expand view to quickly take action without redirecting or reloading page

Step 1: Verify Orders & Stock Availability

  • Separate orders into 2 groups based on inventory availability: in-stock & lack-of-stock
  • Select warehouse to pick out ordered items

Step 2: Pick & Pack Items

  • Pick items from warehouses & pack them to prepare for shipment
  • Filter orders list by warehouse
  • Print picking list containing items in multiple orders
  • Scan barcode to confirm picked items
  • Confirm Qty. packed of each order
  • Print invoice, package bar-code
  • Take product/ package photos

Step 3: Ready To Ship Packages

  • Review all orders with fully packed items before shipping to customers
  • Filter orders list by warehouse
  • Group orders according to shipping methods
  • Print packing slips of multiple orders

Step 4: View Shipped Orders

  • Archive all shipped sale orders