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Omni-channel Retailer’s Kit

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with One Complete Suite for Online-to-Offline Retailers

Retailer Kit is a pack of exclusively 11 well-integrated extensions
to efficiently grow your brick-and-click business.
Everything is centralized on One Single Dashboard – From Front to Back –
From Attract, Sell, Retain to Manage – We’ve got you fully covered!

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Take a Closer Look at how Retailer Kit blurs the line
between your physical & digital stores

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Retailer Kit FAQs

What is the difference between purchasing Retailer Kit and purchasing separate extensions?

Retailer Kit includes 11 well-integrated extensions which provides you full solution for your Online to Offline Business. Apart from the extensions being united in one single dashboard, purchasing Retailer Kit will save you a lot of money rather than buying these 11 extensions separately. If you desire to develop your business in long term, Retailer Kit is your must-have suite

It must be special offer or discount for purchasing Retailer Kit but one-by-one extension, isn't it?

You are correct! We offer much reasonable price for the whole Retailer Kit. Surely it will be cheaper than buying these 11 extensions separately. In addition, we guarantee well integration between all of them. Wonder how much does it cost? Contact us immediately 😉

How does Retailer Kit benefit my retail management system?

In back-end, Retailer Kit will appear with an app dashboard which includes 11 extensions. With simply nice and well-integrated interface, you can easily manage and access any of those extensions via the dashboard. Not only support activities in Inventory Management, Retailer Kit provides further to monitor and boost up sales in both your Online and Offline Stores

Can I choose to buy several extensions but not all of the Retailer Kit?

Of course, you can. However, we recommend for full Retailer Kit as the offered price will incredibly reasonable compared to buying one by one extension. Just contact us for further consultation and probably you think differently!

What if I want to choose between Community and Enterprises version?

Don’t worry! We provide you Retailer Kit with options for Community (CE) or Enterprise (EE) version. Just make sure contacting us for the most suitable kit

There are special customization for my business, can Retailer Kit take care of?

Certainly we will support you the best to make sure Retailer Kit is totally work well with your business. We offer 1-year free support for your information

Do you apply one-time payment for Retailer Kit?

Yes, we do. As we mentioned: Once Purchase, they will work for you – Now and Forever. We only charge for support fee (US$50/extesion/year) in case you ask for. The fee will be applied after one-first-year free support